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Chairman's Word (2006)
BSJA members I wish to inform you of the current situation with regard to “Schools’ Judo”.

We have received notification from the National Council for School Sports, which recommends that all Schools’ Sport Associations’ should suitably integrate with their parent National Governing Body (NGB). With this in mind the British Schools’ Judo Association and the British Judo Association (NGB) have been having discussions with regard to this integration, especially as this change may also have implications concerning the new coaching structure that is being developed. It is important for the BSJA to move forward with the times and gain from the improvement to be brought about.

There have been a number of meetings held at management level with various commissions of the BJA which have proven to be positive and forward thinking.

There have been meetings with: -

BSJA and BJA Financial Representatives
BSJA and BJA Membership Representative
BSJA and BJA Development Representatives
BSJA and BJA Competition Representatives
BSJA and BJA International Representatives

These meetings are still on-going to ensure agreement and advancement for British Judo.

It is unfortunate that most people do not like change, as many are all quite happy to carry on as they have always done, however, time does not stand still, therefore neither should we, otherwise we will be just be like the dinosaurs and become extinct.

We consider that it is better to follow the path that will offer the most benefit to both our sport and all its members for the future. It is for this reason that we are aiming for a closer working relationship with the British Judo Association.

The BJA Officials who are working with the BSJA officials are doing an excellent job of helping to improve the advancement between our two associations and bringing about a closer working relationship.

I am sure that the steps being taken will help to provide the best opportunity for pupils who are still at school, with a pathway as competitors, referees, table officials and controllers who may be available for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Statement of Intent
The BSJA and the BJA have resolved that in the interest of Schools’ Judo within the United Kingdom; they intend to work closely together in order to deliver the most appropriate package for recording and recognising the achievements of pupils practicing judo in a schools environment. They further resolve to provide clear and appropriate competitive pathways for pupils wishing to develop in this particular area of judo.

It is also important to note that not all pupils will chose the competitive route and therefore, they will be able to proceed in other areas of the sport and have their achievement recorded through the new documentation to be known as British Judo Association and British Schools Judo “Association Schools Judo Attainment Award Scheme”. Initial discussion draft-Version 1, September 2005.

In the on going discussions, priority is being given to linking the British Schools’ Judo Association’s Starr Award Scheme, Attainment Targets and the British Judo Association, Mon grade system.

The co-operation that we have received from the National Governing Body has been excellent and the acceleration in all areas over the last six months has been very positive indeed.

All the aims and objectives that we have in mind will of course take time, as all the aspect we are dealing with through the different commissions, cannot be rushed through as they will need give and take also careful consideration and arrangements from all concerned.

Chairman British Schools Judo Association

Malcolm Collins 6th Dan

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